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Near-Infrared Imaging

Near-Infrared imagery will provide an image with a red hue. Near-infrared images are not generally usable or valuable without analysis. However, near-infrared images can be used season long for absolute comparison. Near-infrared imagery is used to generate several popular vegetative indices, including the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, or NDVI. This is a measure of greenness of vegetation in the target crop. This can be used to identify nutrient deficiencies, diseases, and pest pressure. The images below show the types of data you can expect from the Near-Infrared Imaging.
Examples of Near-Infrared Imagery and Analysis
Orthomosaic near-infrared image from the drone.

Tobacco Field using Near-Infrared Lens.

NDVI analysis overlayed on the orthomosaic image
NDVI image of tobacco from drone

Detail view of analysis showing healthy plants and missing plants due to disease.

Enhanced NDVI analysis rendering of Tobacco field.

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