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The primary drone we use is the DJI Matrice 100. It is an industrial quadcopter with the flexibility to add a wide variety of sensors to capture the data desired.

We utilize two Zenmuse X3 cameras in both the Visible spectrum and the Near-Infrared spectrum to capture a wide variety of data to help you accomplish your goals. The Precisionflight app controls the flight path, camera, and flying as well as GPS referencing each image.

Products & Services Overview

Images are stored on a micro SD card in the camera during flight. Once completed, the images are uploaded to PrecisionMapper where they are processed and stitched together creating a geo-referenced orthomosaic image ready for analysis. Data can also be exported to GIS for more in-depth analysis.

Precsionflight app screenshot

Screenshot of Precisionflight app

DJI Matrice 100


Brandon has a Remote Pilot Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration to comply with Part 107 and the necessary permits to operate commercially in North Carolina. Flying Farmer LLC also carries full liability coverage on pilots and equipment.

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